Sarawak Energy rolls out awareness programme for schools in Sri Aman, Lubok Antu, Betong

Seated from left: Anburose, Arnab, Robin, Tubau, Azrein and Edwin in a group photo with the pupils and teachers at the event.

LUBOK ANTU, Sept 28: Some 150 primary school students from eight schools in Sri Aman, Lubok Antu and Betong recently participated in a creative learning session through storytelling aimed at instiling and inculcating a proactive attitude and stewardship towards the environment.

The programme, which also included safety talks on electricity, was held in partnership with the District Education Offices of Sri Aman, Lubok Antu and Betong, and KEC International (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd, the contractor working on the Sri Aman-Serudit Transmission Lines.

Themed, “Lindungi Alam Sekitar dan Pelihara Bumi Kita untuk Masa Depan”, sixteen pupils representing the eight schools namely SK Kem Pakit, SK Nanga Klassen, SK Engkilili No. 2, SK Sedarat, SK Kem Skrang, SK Nanga Enteban, SK Bartholomew and SK Nanga Ajau took to the stage at SK Engkilili No. 2 to narrate their story in Bahasa Malaysia on safeguarding and caring for the environment.


The stories were based on four themes:
1. Katakan Tidak kepada Straw (Say No to Straws)
2. Sifar Sisa & Kutip Sampah (Zero Waste & Pick Up Litter)
3. Guna Semula, Kurangkan, Kitar Semula (Reuse, Reduce, Recycle)
4. Jimat Air/Air Bersih (Save Water/Clean Water)

Sarawak Energy Senior Vice President for Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE) Marconi Madai said the programme was part of several initiatives being carried out by Sarawak Energy to draw attention to and emphasise on the importance of environmental and safety stewardship.

“Safety awareness and environmental conservation should be our shared responsibility. While we incorporate safety rules and green practices in our business, we believe it is important to also build the awareness in the community and this programme targets the young generation to share on how we can all play our part in securing a sustainable future.

“Sarawak Energy is currently working together with internal and external stakeholders to roll out our corporate tree planting, protection and habitat restoration programme aligning with UN SDG Goal No 13 Climate Action and No. 15, Life on Land as well as COP 26 Goal to Adapt to Protect Communities and Natural Habitats. We know there must be greater participation and collaboration from all parties to ensure these goals are realised,” he said.

Meanwhile, Sarawak Energy General Manager for HSSE Robin Tigai who officiated at the event said it was encouraging to see the enthusiasm displayed by the pupils in responding to the talks by his team earlier.

“It starts from taking small steps to incorporate green practices in our daily lives like bringing your own water bottles, not littering, and reducing usage of plastics and this will eventually become a norm and together we will be able to reduce our environmental footprint.

“We are responsible for our environment, and it starts with us. I hope this programme has been an enlightening one and the pupils will be able to share with their family and friends what we have learned on stewardship towards the environment,” said Robin.

Also present at the event were Deputy Education Officer for Lubok Antu Tubau Limbai, Deputy Education Officer for Sri Aman Azrein Julaihi, Assistant Education Officer for Betong Edwin Agom, Project Manager for KEC International (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd Arnab Choudhury and HSE Manager for KEC International (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd Anburose Arockiasamy.

From Sarawak Energy, there were Senior Manager for Environmental Impact Assessment Julaidi Rasidi, Senior Manager for Environment Mahmood Long, Project Engineer from Project Delivery Choo Guey Jing and Manager for Social Investment and Planning, Corporate Social Responsibility Jacklyn Dominic Merickan.

The event also saw a tree planting activity within the SK Engkilili No. 2 compound. — DayakDaily