S4S to public: Rest assured, 722 assembly at Padang Merdeka has acquired permits

Ng (seated fourth left) giving a thumbs-up as Mangor (seated third left) and other organising members of the Sarawak Independence Day 722 assembly pose for a group photo after a press conference here this afternoon. Also in the photo is STAR president Lina Soo (seated right).

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KUCHING, July 7: The Sarawak Independence Day 722 assembly has obtained the required permits to be held in public, and therefore its organisers assure those interested to join to not be worried about any legal implications for joining it.

Organising chairman representing the Sarawak For Sarawakians (S4S) side William Mangor said this assurance was in answer to the many inquiries from the public questioning the legality of the event, which is to be held at Padang Merdeka at 10am on July 22.

“We have obtained all the necessary permits for this event, so this is not an illegal event. We just want the public to know so that people will not be scared, because some people were concerned about the legality of the event,” he told a press conference here this afternoon.

Meanwhile, Sarawak Association for Peoples’ Aspirations (Sapa) President Dominique Ng said this is the first time ever various organisations are coming together to jointly organise this Sarawak Independence Day event.

He said there will be two meeting points at 8am before the main event at 10am at Padang Merdeka. The first meeting point is at the Song Kheng Hai field, and the second meeting point is at Padang Merdeka itself.

He revealed that at the Song Kheng Hai field at 8am, there will be talks by various groups speaking on Free Sarawak, before participants proceed to Padang Merdeka for the main 10am event.

“We hope that we will grow in strength. This 722 (Sarawak Independence Day) event has been celebrated by us ever since 2013 and we continue to grow from year to year. We also welcome all political parties if they want to join us but this event is strictly an NGO (non-governmental organisation) event. Everybody is welcomed to join.

“We will have a few activities and will give the final details later. We have big bikers groups coming in, cyclist groups, Vespa groups and of course many other people joining us, and all are welcomed,” said Ng.

Other political parties, groups and organisations expected to participate in the assembly are Parti Bansa Dayak Sarawak Baru (PBDSB), Parti Bumi Kenyalang (PBK), State Reform Party (STAR), Dayak National Congress, Suara Anak Sarawak, You Are Truly Trusted (YATT) Society Sarawak, Solidarity Anak Sarawak, Sarawak Sovereignty Movement and even Sarawak United People’s Party (SUPP).

“It’s supposed to be every Sarawakian’s duty to do so (celebrate Sarawak Independence Day). That’s why we are open to all political parties and all Sarawakians. It’s totally not seditious, contrary to what a lot of people say. It is our independence day and it is a duty to celebrate it,” said Ng. — DayakDaily