S4S stages peaceful rally against PPBM’s planned entry into Sarawak

S4S members and supporters staged a peaceful rally at Kuching Waterfront today to protest the planned entry of PPBM.

KUCHING, July 8: Sarawak for Sarawakians (S4S) held a peaceful rally this morning to protest the proposed entry of Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (PPBM) into the state.

About 50 S4S supporters marched from Kuching Reservoir Park at 9am to Kuching Waterfront.

The group chanted slogans such as ‘PPBM, No’, ‘Referendum, hak rakyat’, ‘Agi idup agi ngelaban’ and ‘S4S’ upon reaching Kuching Waterfront. They dispersed about 30 minutes later.

They also chanted ‘Dum Spiro Spero’, which is a Latin phrase meaning “As long as I breathe, I hope”. This phrase was the state motto during the Brooke’s rule.

Some 50 S4S leaders and members marched from Kuching Reservoir Park to Kuching Waterfront today to stage a peaceful rally against the planned entry of PPBM.

S4S Kuching spokesperson Tan Kok Chiang told DayakDaily that S4S had been carrying out peaceful rallies and flash mobs regularly to voice their views on issues and to create awareness about issues such as the restoration of Sarawak’s rights and Sarawak’s ownership of its oil and gas resources.

“We will continue to do this. We just hope the people of Kuching will realise what are their rights as Sarawakians and stand up to fight for Sarawak’s rights,” said Tan.

Tan also reminded Kuchingites about the S4S event this July 22. He called on the public to participate in their event to commemorate the day Sarawak obtained its independence.

S4S’s ‘722 March’ on July 22 will start from two points – Reservoir Park and Kuching Civic Centre. The march will end at Padang Merdeka. — DayakDaily