Residents be warned: Crocodile population and activities increase during rainy season until March

Photo for illustration purposes only. Photo credit: Pixabay

KUCHING, Dec 28:  The Sarawak Forestry Corporation (SFC) warns the public of the surge of crocodile population and an increase of their activities during raining season until March.

SFC pointed out that the raining season coincides with the crocodiles’ breeding time, making them more active and potentially bringing them closer to residential areas.

“Please remain vigilant, secure livestock away from water, and report sightings promptly. Dispose of waste responsibly to avoid attracting crocodiles.

“Improper disposal of trash and debris in rivers attracts crocodiles to come nearer to housing areas,” said SFC in a statement.

The advisory further pointed out that the continuous rain will raise water level, allowing crocodiles to move further on land.

“Let us work together to create a safer environment for all communities. If you have any concerns or encounter any crocodile-related issues, please contact the SFC hotline,” said SFC. — DayakDaily