2 large crocodiles, weighing 800kg total, captured in Kampung Tanjung Tuang

The two crocodiles captured in Kampung Tanjung Tuang in Kota Samarahan on May 20, 2024.

KOTA SAMARAHAN, May 21: The Samarahan Crocodile Hunter (SCH) team has successfully captured two crocodiles, estimated to weigh a total of 800 kilogrammes, in Kampung Tanjung Tuang here yesterday.

SCH head of operations, councillor Aziz Mohammad explained that the reptiles were captured in response to concerns raised by both villagers and fishermen at the river jetty.

“These two male crocodiles weigh an estimated 800kg in total. One measures 13.6 feet and weighs 500kg, while the other measures 11 feet and weighs 300kg,” he told TVS.


Aziz emphasised that the crocodiles had been frequently spotted near the river jetty, posing a potential threat to the villagers’ safety.

“We’re relieved that both crocodiles have been successfully captured. They were lured by bait consisting of chicken installed since Saturday evening,” he revealed.

Furthermore, Aziz obtained approval from the Sarawak Forestry Corporation (SFC) to dispose of the crocodiles properly, ensuring minimal disruption to the village community. — DayakDaily