Repair Bau-Kuching Road slope structure immediately, Serembu rep tells contractor

The affected stretch along Bau-Kuching Road. Photo credit: Ukas

BAU, Jan 9: Serembu assemblyman Miro Simuh has urged the contractor to promptly conduct repair and maintenance works on the damaged Bau-Kuching Road near Siniawan Town here.

He said swift action is necessary as the road is a main route for road users travelling to Kuching and Bau, as well as the surrounding areas, Sarawak Public Communication Unit (Ukas) reported.

“Road safety is very important since the road surface is in unstable condition due to continuous rainfall that resulted in underground water movements,” he said during an inspection visit with the Kuching Public Works Department (JKR) at the site yesterday (Jan 8).

The Bau-Kuching Road was temporarily closed for repair works by JKR since October 2023 due to surface cracks and slope failures and was scheduled to open yesterday (Jan 8).

However, heavy rainfall on Saturday night (Jan 6) caused a rise in underground water levels, which resulted in soil movements and, thus, creating slopes along the 500-metre stretch near Siniawan Town.

Therefore, the road closure will be extended to make room for repair and reinforcement works. — DayakDaily