Racism rears ugly head again in social media post

A screenshot of the posting which is the subject of a police report.

KUCHING, May 13: Fifty-one years ago today (May 13), Malaysia witnessed the worst racial riots that left a dark blot in the nation’s history where hundreds were dead and a state of emergency was declared.

Remembering this darkest day in Malaysian history, Parti Bumi Kenyalang (PBK) president Voon Lee Shan expressed sadness, disappointment and fear to see some postings in social media touching on race issues, race-related economy and supremacy of one race over others.

He informed that a police report had been lodged yesterday (May 12) in Bau police station against an irresponsible individual for a social media posting which could create racial tensions between the diverse communities in Sarawak or even the whole of Borneo.

“PBK views this matter very seriously and this should be stopped.

“To play race politics in Malaysia is very dangerous and may cause a racial spark at any moment. All citizens must be reminded that if a racial riot happened, it will bring no good to the society, but fear, distrusts and discrimination in our society,” he warned in a statement today.

Looking back on the tragic history of May 13, 1969, Voon pointed out that the story should be retold for present and future generations to remind them as well as all Malaysians a lesson on the importance of unity.

“May the event (a bloody racial riot) serve as a reminder that Malaysia is a multiracial, multiethnic and multi-religious country.

“No one race should dominate against another if we want peace and to move forward. No one should play race politics,” he stressed.

Voon stated that Malaysians grew up and lived in a culture of fear in the shadow of May 13.

“Although Sarawakians of different races live harmoniously since Malaysia was formed, this fear is however always felt in Sarawak. This fear has been built in our political system and has remained a part of our psychology,” he added.—DayakDaily