Quick response, basic firefighting knowledge averts disasters in Sibu and Kuching

The scene of the fire at Kampung Goebilt after a mobile phone kept in a wardrobe exploded.

By Nancy Nais

KUCHING, Oct 8: Basic firefighting knowledge and prompt action in two separate incidents helped to prevent what would have been disasters this afternoon.

In the first incident, a fire broke out in a hotel on Jalan Foochow, Sibu earlier today.

Sibu fire station chief PgB II Abdul Mutalif Ja’afar revealed they received the emergency call at 12.39pm. A total of 14 firefighters were despatched to scene.

“Upon arrival, we found that the premises owner managed to extinguish the fire which started at the main switch board in the lobby area with a fire extinguisher. He also contacted Sesco to report the incident.

“Initial investigations revealed that the fire was caused by a short circuit. However, the department will conduct further investigations to determine the cause,” Abdul Mutalif disclosed in a statement.

A short circuit caused a fire to break out at a hotel in Jalan Foochow, Sibu.

In the second incident in Kuching, a mobile phone left inside a wardrobe in a house at Kampung Goebilt, Jalan Bako suddenly exploded, starting a fire.

Firefighters from the Tabuan Jaya fire station received the alert at 10.04am.

“Upon arriving at the location, we were told of a fire that started from one of the wardrobes. It was successfully extinguished by residents and their neighbours with water,” a statement from the state Fire and Rescue Department (Bomba) revealed.

No injuries were reported in both incidents. — DayakDaily