Miri Bomba launches three-day ‘Operasi Kuda Laut’ to enhance fire safety

Awangku Mohd Hazmin (right) conducts a briefing session before the start of the operation.

By Tedong Rantayy

MIRI, June 20: Miri Fire and Rescue Department (Bomba) has launched ‘Operasi Kuda Laut’ which aims to inspect and enhance fire safety measures across 70 commercial and public buildings this year.

This initiative follows a concerning report from 2023, where 33 premises were found to have committed various offences related to fire control panels.


The operation will be conducted over three days, involving fire stations from Marudi, Batu Niah, Lopeng, Miri Sentral, and Lutong, starting today (June 20).

Among locations inspected today was the Permaisuri Mall complex, led by Awangku Mohd Hazmin Awang Zainal, the chief of the Fire Investigation Division of Miri Bomba.

Awangku Mohd Hazmin highlighted the critical nature of these inspections, noting that the purpose of the operation is to ensure that the security systems, particularly fire control panels, are functioning correctly in all targeted premises.

The control panels are essential for activating quick emergency responses in the event of a fire, allowing occupants to evacuate safely, he pointed out, when met before the start of the inspection today.

“Last year, 33 premises were recorded to have tampered with, deactivated, or improperly maintained fire control panels,” stated Awangku Mohd Hazmin.

“This year, we are intensifying our efforts by targeting 70 premises, including offices, shops, markets, gathering places, and residential areas around Miri, to ensure compliance and enhance fire safety standards.”

The operation is strategically conducted by five teams, each mobilised to inspect different premises throughout the city and its outskirts.

This comprehensive approach aims to cover a wide range of buildings, ensuring thorough inspections and immediate rectifications where necessary.

The launch of ‘Operasi Kuda Laut’ reflecting Miri Bomba’s commitment to public safety and proactive fire prevention.

The department urged all building owners and managers to cooperate fully with the inspection teams and take any recommended actions seriously to mitigate fire risks. — DayakDaily