PRS Women to Propose Candidates For Six Parliamentary

KUCHING: Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) Women’s wing is proposing women candidates for all six parliamentary seats allocated to the party.

It’s Vice President Angeline Umih said the decision was reached at the recent Women’s Wing meeting held in Miri on March 5.

“This is what we agreed on but we will leave it to our Party President to have the final say and we shall abide by whatever decisions he makes thereafter. We are certain that he knows what is best for the party. We hope that the men-centric mindset in PRS will cease and that PRS will not be easily swayed by hypocrites and people with malicious agendas,” said Angeline in a press statement to

This is a response to media report where Lubok Antu MP Datuk William Nyalau Badak’s said that he may give way to new face in his constituency and to his reaction in denying allegations that he ever made comments to withdraw from being renominated for the next Parliamentary Elections.

Angeline said in the statement that the source for the said write up is also very desperate and gender biased for the fact that they would go the extra mile to serve their agendas and create ill wills.

Doris is a no nonsense leader as she has led the wing through thick and thin of things with full of dedication and commitment, Angeline said.

“Besides being loyal to our party struggle and leadership, she is our source of inspiration and continuously speaks and ‘fights’ for our Dayak women’s rights. We, PRS Women Wing laud the move for her to be one of the candidates in the coming elections. Despite she publicly expressed that she has no plans to contest, we would still love to see other Dayak women to take up the challenge,” said Angeline. –