Possible for Covid-19 patients to get reinfected — Health DG

Image by fernando zhiminaicela from Pixabay

KUCHING, April 26: Ministry of Health (MoH) director-general Datuk Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah said that reinfection is possible for former Covid-19 patients

According to Dr Noor Hisham, the ministry is aware of the matter, and that reinfection is possible even though those infected with Covid-19 have an antibody response.

For example, he explained, on the fifth and sixth day, there is a response from the antibody known as Immunoglobulin M (IgM), followed by the Immunoglobulin G (IgG).

“But the IgM and IgG do not protect the former patient from the second infection and there is no proof that they are immune after the first infection.

“So the issue here is that the reinfection is possible,” he said during the daily press briefing on the national Covid-19 situation in Putrajaya today.

He also noted that for Malaysia, recovered Covid-19 patients are given counseling before they are discharged from the hospital, in order to minise the risk of them getting infected again.

“So far, we do not have any reinfection cases, but what is sure is that the antibody responses do not prevent them from getting the second infection,” he added.

On Friday (April 24), the World Health Organisation (WHO) via a statement disclosed there is currently no evidence that those who have recovered from Covid-19 and have antibodies are protected from a second infection.

The statement revealed that at this point in the pandemic, there is not enough evidence about the effectiveness of antibody-mediated immunity.

“People who assume that they are immune to a second infection because they have received a positive test result may ignore public health advice and may therefore increase the risks of continued transmission,” it added. — DayakDaily