Poor quality Jiwa Murni road – PBDSB


KUCHING:Parti Bansa DAYAK Sarawak BARU (PBDSB) concurred with the recent statement by State PKR chairman Baru Bian about the government’s decision to build Jiwa Murni roads as the previous results were poor in quality and short in durability.

If truly an audit of quality assurance was made, how could one justify the Jiwa Murni standard roads are in compliance with JKR specifications, PBDSB questioned in a press statement today.

“No doubt the cost is 50 per cent cheaper than the conventional cost.

“If those roads are only meant to be used by the rural communities for a very short period of time before its disintegrates and become impassable to ordinary cars, then it clearly proves the reason why the cost is cheaper.

“Beside being impassable to ordinary vehicles, even off-road trucks often get bogged down in the mud, as evidenced by many viral photos on social media shared by rural communities.”

The statement also said, beside the Long Luping-Ba Kelalan road, the ones in Marudi are facing the same result as well.

File photo: Jiwa Murni Road linking Belaga and Sungai Asap looking fine and decent if the road is not being used by heavy laden vehicles.

“Imagine how many people wanted to participate in the river boat race held in Marudi recently.

“Many were truly disappointed while experiencing the “rolling thunder” on the drive to Marudi.

“Heavily laden vehicles such as timber trucks should not be the main excuse, as timber companies were given the permit to access the road.”

PBDSB also question if the roads were built for the rural people or for the timber companies.