Police release names of 3 more suspects to facilitate probe into Cambodia fraud case

Mustafa revealing the three wanted suspects.

By Nigel Edgar

KUCHING, March 4: Police are looking for three more suspects to facilitate investigation into the recent fraud case where 47 Malaysians were lured to Cambodia and later got detained in a provincial prison for 65 days.

State Commercial Crime Investigation Department chief Supt Mustafa Kamal Ghani Abdullah told a press conference this afternoon that two of the suspects were among the 40 Sarawakians who were brought back from Cambodia.

The two are 25-year-old Chang Ying Shiong (940506-13-5405) from Batu Kawa, Kuching, and 31-year-old Lai King Loong (881006-52-5469) from Bintulu.

The third wanted suspect is 26-year-old Mohd Ghafar Abdul Jamal (930619-13-6755) from Kampung Salak, Kuching.

Mustafa said his men had gone to the addresses available to them but failed to locate them there. He called on the public with information on the three wanted suspects to contact investigating officer ASP Pricha Azin at 019-8897640.

“Up to date, only 24 of the 40 Sarawakians who have returned from Cambodia have given their statements to the police, while three decided not to and one has yet to give a statement after they lodged a police report recently.

“Out of that, 12 have yet to lodge any police reports and statements, including the two suspects. We are urging them to come to the nearest police station to do so as soon as possible to facilitate the investigation,” he said.

According to the CCID media statement signed by Mustafa, the 12 are:

Lai Wen Siang – 830718-13-6015
Mark Rogers William Nun – 950528-13-5819
Michelle Rinta Winston Nyulang – 961218-13-6086
Lai King Loong – 881006-52-5469 (wanted suspect)
Chang Ying Shiong – 940506-12-5405 (wanted suspect)
Chin Kok Shiong – 850226-13-5153
Dixon Chong Yew Yui – 890828-13-5747
Gibson Golip – 970615-13-5321
Grevina Golip – 960604-13-5474
Hong Yee Chai – 970518-13-5231
Jong Chance Full – 940109-13-5209
Krisyanto A Ajiu – 910705-13-5419

He called upon members of the public who know them to inform them that the police needed their statements on the case. They can go to the nearest police station in the area they are at as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, asked about the recent case where eight Sarawakians were stranded in Liberia due to a similar job scam, Mustafa said he had no further details of the case and had instructed his men in Sibu to get in touch with the eight victims to have their statements recorded as soon as they arrived.

The eight Sarawakians are due to return to Sarawak via Sibu around 9.30pm tonight after Wisma Putra succeeded in getting them back. — DayakDaily