Pol sec to Putrajaya: Siburan health clinic needs an upgrade, urgently

Tan (in yellow T-shirt) and others taking a look at the surroundings of the clinic in Siburan.

KUCHING, March 21: The federal government should urgently upgrade the health clinic in Siburan as the wooden building hosting it is in a bad shape and often overcrowded with patients from Siburan, Beratok and Tarat.

Tan Kai, a political secretary to the Chief Minister, made the call following a March 11 incident where an ambulance from the clinic was involved in an accident with a lorry, and this allegedly led to the death of a patient in the ambulance.

The ambulance, which was supposed to send the patient to Serian Hospital, was hit by a lorry when it was refuelling at a petrol station.

“The infrastructure is old, with insufficient facilities and equipment to serve the people in Siburan up to Beratok,” he said after visiting the clinic today.

“There is only one ambulance and no scanning equipment. This was why the late Lai Kim had to be transferred to Serian Hospital, which delayed him getting treatment.”

Tan hoped Pakatan Harapan (PH) Sarawak chief Chong Chieng Jen would help push the Health Ministry to upgrade the clinic.

Tan (in yellow T-shirt) and others standing outside the gate of the clinic. The ambulance is parked in the compound of the clinic, which has been locked.

Meanwhile, family members of the deceased (Lai) have demanded an investigation and explanation as to why the ambulance did not follow the emergency standard operating procedures (SOP), a negligence they claimed caused the delay for the patient to receive emergency medical treatment.

Sarawak Health director Dr Jamilah Hashim had on March 17 informed that they would arrange a meeting with the deceased’s family and next-of-kin.

She added that the department was aware of the issue and assured the public that an investigation would be conducted in a transparent manner and according to protocol. — DayakDaily