PKR women pledges to fight for improved healthcare of mothers, women and children in state

Agnes Padan

KUCHING, Aug 27: Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) Sarawak Women chief Agnes Padan has pledged to fight to improve the health and rights of mothers, women and children in Sarawak as their wellbeing is of crucial importance.

She pointed out that the healthcare system in Sarawak especially for women and children has long been neglected.

“As such, one of my fights will be to ensure that the ‘Universal Health Coverage: Everyone, Everywhere’ be implemented in Sarawak immediately,” she said in a statement today.


Agnes shared that it was after the death of her mother following health complications when giving birth to her youngest brother that fueled her to become an activist in 2002.

“My mother’s suffering without complete maternal healthcare in Lawas has prompted me to investigate the problems faced by women in Sarawak.

“I had to carry the responsibility of caring for my siblings and my children. No one will know the hardship we went through. However, I am determined to fight for mothers and women in Sarawak so that our rights will not be neglected,” he emphasised.

Agnes also encouraged more women to not be afraid to contribute to political and social movements in the country.

“At one time, I never thought I would be involved in politics as I thought I’m just a housewife and a mother to five children.

“I am from a modest family, grew up in the rural areas, never thought about stepping forward and got involved in politics.

“But when I see the suffering of the people in Sarawak, living in poverty and are so left behind, I realise that the struggle for Reformasi is the struggle of us all,” she said.

The rights and voice of women, she added, must be raised from the grassroots level and brought to the attention of the government.

“Only then can we change the unjust policy and overhaul the system that is impartial to the people,” she said.

Agnes urged all PKR Women especially in Sarawak to defend the fate of the marginalised people and at the same time, strengthen their unity and fight together to build a better Malaysia for all.

“I will work hard with our women members from all 31 Keadilan branches in Sarawak to strengthen and give full support to achieve the goals of PKR,” she added.—DayakDaily