Pentecostal night: Organisers, participants hope Christian politicians show up in numbers

Dato Janang Bungsu

KUCHING, Sept 14: Organisers and participants are hopeful that politicians and lawmakers of the Christian faith from both sides of the political divide would attend the mammoth Pentecostal Night gathering this weekend.

According to the event chairman Dato Janang Bungsu, invitations have been sent out to all Christian politicians from Sarawak irrespective of political affiliations.

He expressed hope that the politicians and lawmakers would join the thousands of the native Christian faith who had arrived in the city from longhouses and villagers for the gathering.

The two-day Pentecostal night, starting today, will be held at the Jubilee Ground with more than 25,000 people expected to be present.

“I personally went through the list and verified the names of Christian politicians from Sarawak, before I signed and dispatched the invitation to them,” Janang said in a statement.

He added that many of the faithful from the rural areas, who came on their own budget, are putting up at friends and families. Some are also staying at adjoining dormitories of churches.

He said the participants were delighted to hear that Christian Dayak assemblymen and Members of Parliament were invited.

Among those who are looking forward to the presence of the politicians are Joseph from Betong as well as Peter Lasak, Inti Belinda and Noel Lingga from Saratok and Melina Lom from Kapit.

They shared the view that the Pentecostal night would set the way for them and their community to move up to higher spiritual and moral ground.

The general sentiment among the group was that they are hopeful that Dayak politicians and elected representatives would join the people “in this great awakening”, and that they will celebrate with the community “in the outpouring of the gift of the Holy Spirit”.

“We hope to see our Dayak Christian politicians put on the new armour of holiness and lead our community to development and progress in ways that are pleasing to God.”

Those attending the mammoth-scale gathering comes from different denominations including Roman Catholic, Anglican, Methodist, Baptist, Sarawak Evangelical Mission and a host of other independent churches. — DayakDaily