PBK will seek to restore Sarawak’s nation status if given mandate

Kenneth (seated second right), Thong (seated left), Peter (seated centre), Ignatius (seated second left) and other party members pose for a photo-op after the talk today (April 6, 2021).

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By Adrian Lim

KUCHING, April 6: PBK will restore Sarawak’s status as a country if given the mandate by the people to form the next state government.

Parti Bumi Kenyalang (PBK) Dayak chairman Kenneth Adan Silek said the upcoming State election (PRN12) presented a good opportunity for Sarawakians to regain their rights which has been eroded by the federal government, through PBK.

“For example, if we are given the mandate, we have the power and we can actually restore Sarawak’s country status. Not as one of the states in the federation of Malaysia.

“Few days ago the Prime Minister (Tan Sri) Muhyiddin (Yassin) said Sarawak is a region.

“What does that speak to many Sarawakians actually? Each is playing with words but the majority who have the power do not put it into practice,” he said in his speech during the Dayak Unity Talk at a hotel here today.

Kenneth added other rights to be restored include the rights over oil and gas (O&G) revenue and amending the Sarawak Land Code for Native Customary Rights (NCR) land in particular giving recognition to ‘pulau galau’ and ‘pemakai menua’.

Kenneth Adan Silek

He opined that the revenue from O&G in Sarawak is sufficient to generate wealth to all Sarawakians.

He also said PBK will improve Sarawak’s economy if given the mandate by the people to govern the state after PRN12.

“You (Dayaks) can play a major role in politics and not be second fiddle in politics if you like.

“The Dayaks can play firsthand (sic) in politics because you can shape the future. Because the government can change the policy as politics is about policy,” he added.

In the meantime, Kenneth who is also the potential candidate for PBK in the Murum seat believed that PRN12 presented an opportunity for the Dayaks and Sarawakians to change for the better.

He revealed that PBK’s vision is to transform Sarawak into an ideal place for future generations to live and work.

He also believed Sarawak could rank first in terms of income per capita in the world given the natural resources available in the state.

On another note, Kenneth emphasised that good politicians create and implement good policies while corrupted politicians create damage and disharmony to society at large.

Meanwhile, he believed that PBK candidates will serve the people in justice, fairness and accountability.

Kenneth said PBK will fight for the Dayak community and ensure that it becomes a major force in Sarawak during PRN12.

Among those present at PBK Dayak Unity event include PBK vice-president Peter Asut, PBK political affairs director Raymond Thong, PBK publicity secretary Ignatius J Bunsuan and Dayak leaders. — DayakDaily