Pasai Cluster resurges with new flare-up of 11 infections in Kapit

Signboard prohibiting outsiders from entering Pasai Siong.

KUCHING, March 16: The notorious Pasai Cluster, which has gone quiet with single-digit increases or no cases for weeks, has reared its ugly head again with a flare-up of 11 new Covid-19 infections in Kapit today.

The State Disaster Management Committee (SDMC)’s daily Covid-19 situation update report for Sarawak indicated that Pasai was among three funeral clusters that saw an increase in positive cases today.

With these 11 new cases, the cluster’s total has swelled to 2,693 as of today. As the biggest cluster in Sarawak, a total of 42,100 individuals have been screened whereby 39,377 have tested negative while 30 are still awaiting lab test results.

As for the other two funeral clusters, Gelong in Kapit picked up seven cases, out of which three were from Sibu and four from Kapit, thus increasing the cluster’s tally to 250.

A total of 295 individuals have been screened whereby 45 were negative with no results are pending.

The Emperoh Jambu in Kuching added six cases, out of which four were from Samarahan and two were from Saratok, thus pushing the cluster’s total to 309.

A total of 1,800 individuals have been screened whereby 1,355 were negative while 136 are awaiting lab test results.

Apart from these three, the prison cluster in Jalan Awang, Sibu registered nine new cases while the Jalan Muhibbah cockfighting cluster in Betong picked up six cases. The Buloh longhouse cluster in Selangau added two cases and the family cluster in Jalan Main Bazaar in Sri Aman recorded one new case.

With nine new cases added to the Jalan Awang Cluster, which involved detainees in a prison located at Jalan Awang Ramli Amit, this brings the total number of cases in this cluster to 52. A total of 53 individuals have been screened whereby one tested negative and no results are pending.

The Jalan Muhibbah Cluster recorded six new cases today, increasing the cluster’s total to 317. A total of 2,900 individuals have been screened whereby 2,515 tested negative and 68 are awaiting lab test results.

The number of cases in the Buloh Cluster in Selangau, which was linked to a longhouse, has increased to 37 after adding two cases today. A total of 77 individuals have been screened whereby 40 tested negative and no results are pending.

The Jalan Main Bazaar Cluster in Sri Aman, which was triggered after 10 members in a family in a village contracted Covid-19 and then spread to two secondary school students, also logged one new case today.

This pushed the cluster’s total to 14. A total of 134 individuals have been screened whereby 120 tested negative and no results are pending.

These were the seven out of 10 active clusters that reported new cases today. The other three were new clusters that have just been declared today namely Nanga Bulo Cluster in Julau linked to longhouses with 34 cases as well as Kampung Hilir in Sibu linked to a village resettlement scheme with 35 positive cases and Jalan Sanyan in Sibu linked to supermarket with 19 cases.

With the three new clusters, the number of active clusters in the State has increased to 31.

The remaining 21 clusters did not report any new cases today. They were sub-cluster Tagap in Subis; Tanjung, Kidurong Dua and Jun Heng in Bintulu; Begalak in Song; Buluh Pasi in Meradong; Sena and Rakut in Miri; Kiba, Geronggang in Sibu; Melor in Pusa; Tunggal and Nanga Lijan in Julau; Jalan Ho Pin and Univista in Samarahan; Sungai Bakong in Meradong; Kampung Sungai Maong and Jalan Green in Kuching; Kejatau and Sebangkoi in Sri Aman; Jan Yong in Kapit; and Seruas in Beluru.

Meanwhile, the State Health Department has also declared the end of Mas Merah Cluster in Sibu after no local cases were recorded in the past 28 days. — DayakDaily