Nine new auxiliary firefighters for Lawas STOLport

The nine newly installed auxiliary firefighters with Khirudin (back row, centre), Abdul Malik (back row, third right) and Bomba Sarawak assistant director of operations Tiong Ling Hii (back row, third left).

By Nancy Nais

KUCHING, July 24: The Fire and Rescue (Bomba) department will deploy nine new auxiliary firefighters (PBB) to Lawas airport.

Sarawak Bomba director Khirudin Drahman said the PBB are placed at the Lawas short-haul and Short Take-Off and Landing airport (STOLport) to support rural air services by ATR or Twin Otter aircraft.

The nine, who recently completed a 10-day basic intensive training in Kuching are Rallie Peliang, Razali Bakir, Mohd Nizam Malasim, Mohd Aidi Aziwan Semawi, Abdul Rasyid Jalil, Malvyn Kaweh Mereten, Matsapar Zainal, Mohd Nur Faiz Montel and Jesse Mutang Dew.

The programme is in collaboration with Malaysian Airport Holdings Bhd (MAHB), whereby the PBB will be paid monthly allowance by them, while training is handled by Bomba.

“Although it is only an airport in the interior, its role is as important as the other large airports. We must ensure the safety and wellness of the airport is maintained periodically in accordance with the provisions set out as safety concerns remain our first agenda,” Khirudin said at the installation ceremony, today.

He also advised the PBB to take pride in being chosen out of hundreds of people that applied for the job.

“Be proud of your job and make your employer MAHB proud of you. Do your work well and always have the hunger for knowledge. It may be a small airport, but it is still a place where planes will land and take off, therefore always pay attention. Your training covers basic firefighting skills so it is my hope that you will learn and gain experience as you move along,” Khirudin said.

He added the reminder of staying disciplined, focus and remember to hold on the pledge they made.

Airport Fire Rescue Services general manager Abdul Malik Mohd Yunus said Lawas airport one of many STOLports operated by MAHB throughout Malaysia.

It is one of the services provided by MAHB for Sarawak and Sabah which has areas that are difficult to reach.

“We prefer employing PBB because these people are far better. Apart from being properly trained by Bomba in fire and rescue, they are much more disciplined,” Abdul Malik said. — DayakDaily