NGO raises concern over Padu registration amid issues of data security, redundancy

Simon Siah

KUCHING, March 22: Human rights organisation Lawyer Kamek for Change has raised concerns regarding the registration process for Padu (Central Database Hub), highlighting issues surrounding data security and redundancy.

Despite registering his particulars with the national database, its director Simon Siah expressed concerns about public reluctance to register, particularly regarding the security of data and its utilisation.

He echoed Minister of Tourism, Creative Industry, and Performance Arts Dato Sri Karim Hamzah’s remarks today, suggesting a review of the Padu registration process.

Siah questioned the effectiveness of Padu in channeling government assistance to those in need, emphasising the need for streamlined assistance distribution.

Furthermore, he raised doubts about the accuracy of the data collected by Padu, questioning the necessity of redundant data collection if the government already possesses similar information from other sources like the Inland Revenue Board (IRB).

“Why is the government repeating the same process?” Siah questioned, adding that there seem to be more questions than answers regarding Padu.

He also criticised the redundancy in data collection, pointing out that family information is already available with the National Registration Department (JPN), questioning the need for individuals to provide the same information again.

Regarding data security, Siah noted that information requested by Padu is not new and may have already been disclosed through various other channels, potentially compromising individuals’ privacy.

He warned about the risks of data breaches, suggesting that if data from other sources were compromised, it could have already been sold on the black market. — DayakDaily