Nancy Shukri denies uttering “Bumiputera will steal if left unaided”

Dato Sri Nancy Shukri

KUCHING, August 23: Batang Sadong MP Datuk Nancy Shukri strong denies the allegation that she has ever made such statement as “Bumiputera will steal if left unaided”.

Nancy said it was not part of the training as a MP from Sarawak to label anyone, especially the Bumiputera.

“As a Sarawakian and even myself as a Bumiputera, that is an unwise and unreasonable to accuse me of saying such words. I can swear that I have never said anything like that,” she said during a press conference held after a Catch Up Session with reporters yesterday.

Nancy opined that the individuals who accused her on the matter have been trying to break long existing unity among Sarawakians.

She said since there have not been not much issues in Sarawak, that has been why this issue is being brought here again in order to break the unity among Bumiputera here, and to create hatred towards her.

“Although I do not pay attention to the matter, but when election is near, it becomes viral. I feel that some people need to be taught a lesson. Just that I am still doing a personal investigation on this to ensure that if any action is taken, it would be a strong case for me,”  said Nancy who was previously the Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department and de-stfacto law minister.

In November 2013, Nancy attended a public forum on international covenants organised by the Malaysian Bar.  It was then she was quoted of saying “If you don’t help, social ills will be happening. Because they will left very far behind, there will be social problem. That situation, if they don’t have money, what will they do? They will start stealing”.
Nancy denied totally of such allegation and believed that some quarters were up to smear her name by recirculating more than seven-year-old issue issue.

“We will lodge police report and most likely also to MCMC (Malaysia Communications and Multimedia Commission) to stop this nonsense,” said Nancy when contacted.— DayakDaily