Murum Penan Devt Committee calls for govt action to ensure promises to displaced natives kept

Labang Paneh

MIRI, Oct 9: Murum Penan Development Committee (MPDC) is calling for the State government to intervene to settle unresolved issues pertaining to development projects at the Murum resettlement scheme.

According to MPDC chairman Labang Paneh in a statement, they are seeking government intervention to expedite all the projects promised to the Murum Penan when they were told to relocate to the new settlement back in 2013, to make way for the construction of the Murum hydroelectric dam project.

He added, these promised projects included construction of amenities (access roads, clean water supply, school and clinic), and land for cultivation, to name a few.

“It has been almost 10 years after we moved to the settlement. We see no effort or action taken to implement to fulfil these promises by the government,” he stated.

He added the Penan have sacrificed their land and home to make way for the success of Murum dam project.

“Hence, it is our right to demand for our share from Murum dam from the developer by (them) constructing amenities that were promised.

“We understand and tolerate as the process of implementing the physical project has to go through various procedures, but we are no doubt disappointed,” he disclosed. — DayakDaily