MTAC and MACPA to host the inaugural Sarawak Music Artist Awards 2020

From left: Tourism, Arts and Culture assistant minister Datuk Sebastian Ting; Tourism, Arts and Culture minister Datuk Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah and ministry’s permanent secretary Hii Chang Kee at a press conference.

By Nancy Nais

KUCHING, Oct 14: The Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture (MTAC) Sarawak in collaboration with the Malaysian Association of Arts and Culture Activists, Kuching (MACPA) will host the inaugural ‘Sarawak Music Artist Awards 2020′.

The event scheduled on Nov 4 at Imperial Hotel in Kuching is meant to recognise the contributions, sacrifices, efforts and services of local Sarawak artists back in the 50s, 60s and 70s.

According to Tourism, Arts and Culture Minister Datuk Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah, a total of 47 recipients in seven categories will be among the line-up of singers, composers, lyricists and music artists in Sarawak.

The awards are ‘Anugerah Tokoh Kenyalang Emas’, ‘Anugerah Tokoh Permata Kenyalang’, ‘Anugerah Tokoh Cahaya Kenyalang ‘, ‘ Anugerah Tokoh Mutiara Kenyalang ‘, ‘ Anugerah Bintang Harapan ‘, ‘Anugerah Bintang Lagenda ‘, and ‘Anugerah Bintang Sepanjang Zaman ‘.

Winners will take home cash, trophy, certificate and the highest recognition from the Sarawak state government.

“Sarawak music industry started since the 50s and they have produced many music artists such as Datuk Sabanun Merikan, Pauline Linang, Datin Senorita Linang, Safar Ghafar, Rahim Saring, and many more. The result of their creative work has impact the growth of the country’s creative industry.

“Their work needs to be recognised like their counterparts in Peninsular Malaysia. We take their contribution seriously and we are very proud of our Sarawak-born artists. Therefore, the initiative by my ministry and MACPA to recognise these artists who have long struggled in the industry,” Abdul Karim told reporters at a press conference today.

He disclosed that the ministry has helped Sarawak artists’ children through funds, recognition programs, grant assistance or assistance in film production and many more.

They also believed that this Sarawak Music Artists Award 2020 will be able to bring rapid development in music arts, singing, creation and songwriting.

“This award should be supported by all parties by providing space and opportunity to dignify our music artists in the effort to promote Bumi Kenyalang at the national level and even in the eyes of the world,” he said.

Apart from that, Abdul Karim also suggested that the Sarawak Music Artist Award 2020 be made into an annual event.— DayakDaily