MP: Set up branch office in Belaga to handle budget allocation

Datuk Wilson Ugak Kumbong wants branch office in Belaga to handle budget allocation.

KUCHING, Dec 3: Hulu Rajang MP Datuk Wilson Ugak Kumbong proposed to the Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Ministry (KPDNHEP) to set up their branch office in Belaga district to help bring the problems and other matters with the ministry.

According to Ugak, the Budget 2021 RM200 million allocation for the Distribution of Essential Goods Program, Liquefied Petroleum Gas (PLP) and Community Drumming, are very much welcomed by the rakyat, especially those who are in the rural areas with limited access to daily necessities.

“However my concern is in the implementation method, and how would these items reach these people.

“For this purpose, I would like to propose to KPDNHEP to set up their branch office in Belaga district, as it is necessary in order to make it easier for the locals to conduct their affairs with the ministry, without having to move far away from their longhouses,” Ugak told the Dewan Rakyat today.

He added, there are also some worries about the irresponsible parties who act as the middleman, and taking advantage of these initiatives, where the subsidised goods are sold to outsiders or foreigners, especially at the neighbouring borders.

He emphasises KPDNHEP must strengthen its monitoring and enforcement operation in order to increase the public’s trust towards the ministry, in facing difficult situations at this time.

“I would also like to recommend to the ministry, through its branches in the state or district, to work closely with the District Officer, MP offices or the Resident Office in the state to ensure that those who really eligible for the assistance will receive it, and at the same time, helping the initiatives to achieve its objective,” he said.

On another note, Ugak also requested KPDNHEP to help promote products made in the rural areas through various mediums such as online sales and direct sales.

He said, a lot of the youths nowadays have started to get involved in the business sector, although it is on a small scale.

“I believe, with the support and assistance provided, they will be able to thrive,” he said. –DayakDaily.