Movement of Change Sarawak cuts ties with Sarawak PKR

Francis Siah - file pic

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KUCHING, June 28: Movement of Change Sarawak (MoCS) has severed its ties with Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) Sarawak because the party has been attacking it.

MoCS chairman Francis Paul Siah stressed that MoCS is apolitical and would dissociate itself from political parties they felt are heading in the wrong direction or getting directionless.

“We also take a serious view of politicians who are fond of making enemies with others, including MoCS. Sadly, some of them are fighting their own shadows by thinking that MoCS fellows are threats to their political ambition. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

“MoCS is apolitical, and I am not a card-carrying member of any political party. I have retired from active politics a long time ago,” said Siah in a statement today.

He said Sarawak PKR had also unleashed their cyber troopers against MoCS, and he knew those who are responsible.

“When we complained to their party leaders in the past, no action was taken. How do we know? Because they continue with their attacks against MoCS. When we attempted to offer some advice to Sarawak PKR, they construed advice as an attack/affront against their leaders.

“When we offer advice to other parties like DAP, for example, their leaders were able to accept it in good faith,” Siah claimed.

Siah said there were political leaders who understood MoCS’s work.

“We meant well when we offer advice or criticism. There is nothing to gain when we do so and believe me, it gives me no joy to have to tick off our friends at times.

“One final thing: Severing ties with political parties is not something abnormal for MoCS. We have done so with SNAP in 2011,” said Siah.

In another statement, Siah said MoCS stand is clear that the movement is on the side of Sarawak politicians who are genuine and sincere and able to stay away from being corrupt.

He asserted that MoCS would not go astray and whether MoCS “little contribution towards the betterment of Sarawak is appreciated or not is irrelevant”.

“I have been whacked for being a patriotic Sarawakian by Malayans and even by some fellow Sarawakians. I am used to receiving such tirades, including personal attacks. Let them be.

“Someone alleged on Facebook yesterday that ‘the MoCS president is backed by a rich tycoon’. I wish it was true, in a way. Then, we would not have to dish out from our own pockets or embarrassingly ask for contributions from friends whenever we have to organise events or projects. That has been a real chore.

“What I do know is that even as a senior citizen today, I’m still working for my daily bread. So too, most of you. So, be proud, be very proud. And continue with our work, with whatever time and resources we have for our beloved homeland and our fellow countrymen,” said Siah. — DayakDaily