MOE: PIBG to decide if vernacular schools want Jawi lessons

Statement from MOE

KUCHING, Aug 15:  The federal cabinet has decided that Jawi learning will only be introduced to vernacular primary schools upon the approval of parent-teacher associations and other parents.

In a press statement yesterday, the Ministry of Education (MOE) also made the announcement that the subject will be renamed as “Jawi script”.

Citing that it was the outcome of a federal cabinet meeting of Aug 14, 2019, MOE said the cabinet upheld its decision to implement Jawi learning in all national primary schools from 2020 onwards.

The statement pointed out that Jawi learning will be introduced as an optional subject for Primary Four students from 2020, Primary 5 in 2021 and 2022 for Primary 6 students in all vernacular primary schools.

It was also stated that the subject would not be part of the any examinations or tests and occupied three pages in the textbooks.

The introduction of Jawi subject or initially known as khat calligraphy has been facing strong objections from different Chinese and Tamil educational NGOs and groups including Dong Song.

They had voiced out their opposition against the cabinet decision where khat lessons were to be introduced to Primary Four students of both national and vernacular schools.— DayakDaily