Missing teen’s body found caught in river debris in Baram

Rescuers found Rohnia’s body stuck on a log pile by the Tutoh river bank.

By Nancy Nais

BARAM, March 10: The body of a 15-year-old teenager who went missing in Long Meraan on Monday (March 8) was found today.

The victim, Rohnia Bajut, was swept away by swift currents at about 5.30pm while swimming in a river with his friend.

Marudi fire chief PPgB Maureen Sim said at 10.02am, rescuers found Rohnia’s body stuck on a log pile by a river bank some 5km from the location where he fell.

He had disappeared from the Magoh River and was found in the Tutoh River.

Prior to the incident, after their swim, Rohnia and his friend had to cross the river on foot to reach the other side.

It was understood that while crossing, Rohnia who was walking behind slipped and fell into the river, before he was swept away by the current.

His friend tried to rescue him but to no avail. The friend immediately informed other villagers and they began searching for Rohnia using water surface method from Magoh River to Tutoh River.

Failing to locate him, Rohnia’s relative lodged a missing person report on March 9.

A team of firefighters from Marudi station were immediately deployed to the scene, a 250km journey via timber road. It took them about six hours to reach the destination, given the weather and road conditions.

Some 45 villagers in 15 boats also assisted firefighters in the search and rescue operation. — DayakDaily