Missing mentally ill man found alive after 14 days in the jungle

Bunjai found by the villagers.

By Nancy Nais

KUCHING, July 26: A mentally ill man who went missing for 14 days in the jungles at Ulu Nunggang, Pakan, was found alive by villagers today.

The victim, known as Bunjai Sagang, 53, from Rh Christina Kassum, was reported missing by his family on July 13.

Search and Rescue (SAR) team consisting personnel from Fire and Rescue (Bomba), police and Civil Defence Force launched the operations immediately after receiving the distress call.

However, as per the standard operating procedure, the SAR was called off after seven days because they could not locate Bunjai and there were no new leads.

Bunjai at the hospital for health check.

“Based on the initial information received from the family members, Bunjai was believed to have been missing in a forest area near their longhouse.

“Throughout the seven days SAR (July 13-19), the team managed to find footprints and hair suspected to be Bunjai’s, as well as one spot where he might have rested or slept on,” Sibu Bomba chief Wan Kamaruddin Wan Ahmad said.

The victim was found by villagers at a makeshift hut in one of the pepper farms, about two kilometres away from his longhouse at 12.30pm.

“The villagers contacted Bomba for assistance, to take Bunjai out of the spot where he was found. Although he was weak and unharmed, Bomba sent him to the hospital for medical treatment ,” Wan Kamaruddin added. — DayakDaily