MBKS mayor to critics: Accusations should be evidence-based, don’t mislead public with half-truths

Wee showing the photos of the grasscutter after reports of him being stung by bees during his ShallWeeTalk session on Sept 30, 2023.

By Karen Bong

KUCHING, Sept 30: Accusations should be supported by factual information and evidence instead of being used to mislead the public with one-sided stories and incomplete truths.

Kuching South City Council (MBKS) Mayor Dato Wee Hong Seng raised this point in response to certain quarters, including green politicians, who have been quick to criticise the local council often without proper data backing.

He urged them to learn good practices to facilitate the development of Sarawak instead of pointing fingers and attacking the local council, which is unfair and unwarranted.

“Bring complaints to the correct channels, such as through me or reaching out to the Council, and collaboratively devise effective solutions.

“Not with mere criticisms or intentionally fanning the wind (to ignite the fire) of an issue that the public may not fully comprehend. If you think gaining exposure and media attention can bring you more followers, this is not the right way of doing things.

“Those intending to serve the public should lead by example. Don’t make assumptions using speculative language like ‘as if’, ‘seems to be’, hearsay and rumour. Tell the entire truth whether I am working or not,” he said during his ShallWeeTalk online session with the community today.

Assuring that he will always be on the side of the people and prioritising their interests, Wee explained that all complaints received by the Council will be acted on through an investigation to determine their authenticity and seriousness before solutions are sought and communicated to the public.

Wee’s response came following a recent complaint regarding the partial cutting of grass at a public park in Stutong, which led to criticism of him and MBKS for not doing their jobs.

In this case, he clarified that the partial work was due to the grass cutters being stung by bees on not one but two occasions. Consequently, the Fire and Rescue Department (Bomba) Sarawak was contacted to locate and deal with the bee nests.

“The Council will not risk and jeopardise the safety and health of the grasscutters or contractors to fulfil the jobs when unexpected circumstances arise.

“The Bomba, together with the Council, is presently still trying to locate the nest. We will resolve this issue,” he said, telling off those who complained without investigating the real cause.

Under MBKS, Wee added that all contractors engaged are held accountable with deadlines, performance assessment, demerit points for subpar work, and a three-strike warning system before termination.

“There are also legal complexities that can delay the process, including the appointment of new contractors. While it is easy to make amendments to policies and ordinances, however, that would be irrational.

“Detailed reports are filed for every job undertaken by a contractor. So do the research and gather the right information first before accusing the Council,” he said.

Wee called upon all quarters serving the public to carry out their duties diligently, taking effective actions rather than blindly criticising others, including local councils.

“If you know the truth and problems to an issue that demands attention, bring it forward. I have no time, and there is no point in engaging in constant rebuttals or countering of criticisms and attacks. If there is a complaint, rest assured the Council will act on it,” he added.

Wee appealed to the public, including political parties, for cooperation and understanding to collectively work towards enhancing the city, especially the Kuching South area. — DayakDaily