Massive landslide cuts off Ng Mujong from Kapit Town

The section of the road at KM16 Melukun-Ng Mujung Road, Kapit which collapsed last night

By Peter Sibon

KUCHING, Feb 2: A massive landslide which occurred at KM16 Melukun-Ng Mujung Road, Kapit last night caused a major disruption to workers who need to travel to Baleh HEP Dam.

Kapit Public Works Department Divisional Engineer Ir Bujang Kanang when contacted said the massive landslide measures about 50 metres wide and with a depth of about 10 metres.

“Ng Mujong area is now totally cut off from Kapit Town. So, we will have to do a temporary diversion which we hoped we can complete by today,” Bujang told DayakDaily when contacted today.

He added that the affected area was actually a filled-up area as it used to be a valley.

In order to repair the road it would take sometime as it has to follow a process of design and build by the contractor, said Bujang.

mugshot of Ir Bujang Kanang

“The massive repair will take sometime to design and build. Then we will apply for the necessary funding to carry out the works,” he emphasised.

Bujang disclosed that one of the main reasons for the collapse was due to continuous rain in Kapit in the past few weeks.

When contacted, Minister of Infrastructure and Port Development Tan Sri DR James Jemut Masing assured the people affected by the road collapse that PWD will make a temporary road diversion before a permanent solution would be made.

“Luckily Kapit District is under MCO and thus no one is using the road last night. And PWD is now on site to close the road, while repair is going on,” he said.

Masing who is also Balleh Assemblyman assured the affected residents that the government will repair the road soonest possible and funding should not be a problem. — DayakDaily