Landslide cuts off road connectivity to Kpg Long Semiyang in Telang Usan

The before and after photos of the collapsed bridge near Kpg Long Semiyang, Telang Usan.

By DayakDaily

TELANG USAN, May 28: A landslide has caused a bridge near Kampung Long Semiyang to collapse, cutting off road connectivity to the village.

According to a report from the Civil Defence Force (APM) today, they received a call regarding the incident around 11.40am yesterday.


Marudi District APM Officer Lt Mirwan Shah Masri reported that continuous heavy rain on May 26 between 4am and 6am, resulted in the landslide around 5.30am.

“The landslide caused a bridge about 5km away from Long Semiyang to collapse and cut off communication for less than 2 days, affecting the population of about 200 people,” he said in a statement today.

He also reported that a temporary bridge was built as a result of the cooperation of the villagers and it was completed within two days.

“The new bridge is the only connection the village has to the main road,” he added.

No casualties were reported in the incident. — DayakDaily