Marvelling sea of clouds, sunrise and starry night at Mendung Escape

A ‘sea of clouds’ viewed from Mendung Escape is a a sought after sight by those who love nature.

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By Nancy Nais

BAU, June 27: Mendung Escape with its sea of clouds is a perfect nature escape especially for those seeking for a little breathing place after a long week of busy city life.

A sea of clouds can be witnessed from the high peak early in the morning when the weather condition is right.

Mendung Escape, is a beautiful homestay next to Mount Singai which offers such a luxurious sight but at a totally reasonable price where you can wake up with a sea of clouds beneath you.

Nestled mid way on a hill at Kampung Segog, Jalan Apar in Bau, visitors will have to take a hike up about 700 meters through some secondary forest to get to this little spot of paradise.

I discovered this quaint place from a friend who shared her experience and I knew I had to visit it myself, hoping to immerse into the breathtaking views while having unlimited cups of coffee.

After a couple of stressful months, I just wanted a place where I could just simply laze around, doing nothing. A place where I may be able to spend some moments daydreaming and looking for stars and trying to locate the constellations at night and Mendung Escape seemed to be able to offer exactly that.

Mountain view from one of the bedrooms in Mendung Escape.

So I contacted the proprietor Ariff Arbi, made some inquiries and it did not take long for me to book a house for seven people over a weekend for an overnight stay with my family and friends.

Upon confirming my stay, he was very helpful by sending dozens of messages, particularly on the location with detailed maps, information about the amenities available as well the preparations that I had to make such as what to bring and expect.

One thing about this place is, the kitchens are well equipped but you have to cook your own food. This is to say, you will have to bring along whatever food you want to cook. For those fancy a night of barbecue 700 meter above sea level, do prepare your own charcoal.

As the homestay is situated in the midst of a secondary jungle, Ariff’s advise was that, visitors should avoid leaving the homestay at night.

Mendung Escape’s proprietor Ariff Arbi
relaxing hike trail to Mendung Escape

For me, the trail from the foothill to Mendung Escape was easy, although some may find it a bit tiring.

Ariff being considerate and superb host, had gone an extra mile to help his guests by creatively building an amazing ‘lift’ to bring provisions up the hill.

On the day we visited the place, he greeted us at the foothill and made it clear that he was ready to assist and advise in any way he could to make sure our stay would be memorable and safe.

After a 20-minutes relaxing hike, we were welcomed by a homely rustic-looking chalet with a majestic view of Gunung Singai at the balcony.

There was a well-equipped kitchen with freezer and fridge, fan, water heater, rice cooker, kettle and barbecue pit.

The beds were comfortable with clean linen and blankets while the rooms were protected with sliding glass doors and windows. All these with a spectacular view of the jungle below.

There was a simple but essential provision of coffee, tea, sugar, eggs and instant noodles ready for us.

For me, a hot cup of coffee after the short hike was a life saver as I rested on the hammock and savour the fresh air.

Since there wasn’t much activities, I managed to check and clear some phone messages and emails, thanks to the efficient 4G internet line available up there.

In the evening after dinner, some of us continued to laze and chat while others just stared at the dark valley, listening to the sound of crickets while continued to sip more coffee or tea at the veranda.

interior view in Mendung Escape
open concept bathtub at one of the houses in Mendung Escape

I had never agreed more with the statement that “stunning sunrise can make a morning person out of even the most determined night owl’ when I was up at Mendung Escape.

Mind you, I am not a morning person but in this case, there was no need to set an alarm. Amazingly, I woke up as early as 5am, excitedly looking forward to catch the sunrise because I was subconsciously been reminded me it would be worth it.

The moment when I saw the clouds beneath me, rolling over a valley just like the waves of the ocean, I felt surreal, calm and kind of loss, being totally overwhelmed and overtaken by its breathtaking beauty.

Some time later, I rushed to put the kettle on the stove to make some coffee while at the same time, crossed my fingers that the sun will creep out nicely from behind the clouds.

Overcast mornings are common, so we had to be patient and wait for the grey skies to clear.  Following minutes of waiting, voila, sunlight slowly revealed the surrounding mountains below as if a black shroud was lifted inch by inch.

Sunlight slowly transformed a blurry and grainy scene of mountains and valleys into a high resolution majestic picture.  We all sat still, quietened by its awesomeness and for a while, lost in its beauty.

Sea of clouds, starry night, steaming coffee, chatters and laughters of family and friends, sound of crickets, winds and birds, these are some delights Mendung Homestay can offer you.

If you are looking for a short peaceful getaway set amidst nature and clouds, give Ariff a call 010-9615338. — DayakDaily