Man found dead in Bau temple

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By Malcolm Lau

KUCHING, June 16: A man in his 50s was discovered dead inside a Chinese temple at Jalan Buso, Bau this afternoon.

The body was found by a man who was visiting the temple to pray around 1pm.

According to a police report, the deceased was found lying on the floor, covered by flies and ants. The man who discovered the body immediately rushed to the police station to report the incident.

Police reached the scene not long after. No physical injuries were found on the deceased. No suspicious items were found at the scene as well.

Paku Kapitan Phu Shak Sin who was contacted by the police about the case, revealed the deceased had been staying alone at various Chinese temples in Paku and Buso since 2016.

The body was brought to a hospital morgue and the case had been classified as sudden and unattended death (SDR). — DayakDaily