Malaysia-Indonesia border security task force detects 103 ‘jalan tikus’

A group photo of the Satuan Tugas Pengamanan Perbatasan (Satgas Pamtas) Republik Indonesia-Malaysia (RI-Malaysia) task force taken during one of its patrols along the border.

By DayakDaily Team

ENTIKONG, March 30: A total of 103 ‘jalan tikus’ (illegal routes) have been detected along the Malaysia-Indonesia border by the Border Security Task Force (Satuan Tugas Pengamanan Perbatasan or Satgas Pamtas) from the Medan Artillery Battalion (YoNarmed) 16/Tumbak Kaputing.

According to a recent report by TVRINews, the Satgas Pamtas commander Lt Col Arm Andreas Prabowo Putro said the identified ‘jalan tikus’ are at risk of being used for smuggling activities.


“Following this, we have activated 24-hour surveillance at every ‘jalan tikus’ that connects Indonesia with Malaysia,” he reportedly said last Thursday (March 28).

Andreas further mentioned that the task force has thwarted a lot of smuggling attempts to Malaysia involving drugs, alcohol and human trafficking.

“The Task Force’s intensive patrol along the existing 27 posts at Kalimantan Barat had contributed to a declining trend of smuggling activities.

“Drugs and human trafficking also became our focus of attention to ensure that all vehicles entering and leaving the border will be strictly examined so that no prohibited items are brought into Kalimantan Barat,” he added. — DayakDaily