47 illegal immigrants apprehended at Biawak border

Some of the illegal immigrants who were detained after their attempt to enter Sarawak via the Biawak border on June 23, 2024 was foiled by border security forces.

By DayakDaily Team

KUCHING, June 23: Forty-seven illegal immigrants were apprehended while attempting to enter Sarawak via the Malaysia-Indonesia border at Biawak, Lundu.

The illegal immigrants were captured during a joint patrol conducted by the Malaysian Army (TDM) and the National Indonesian Army (TNI-AD).


According to a press release by the First Malaysian Infantry Division at Muara Tuang Camp, the illegal immigrants were apprehended in three separate incidents, with the first seven being detained by both the TDM and TNI-AD.

The Malaysian and Indonesian armies encountered the second group of 20 illegal immigrants approximately 118 metres from the Indonesian border.

Another group of 20 illegal immigrants was detained, bringing the total number apprehended during the patrol to 47.

Following the arrests and examination, it was determined that the immigrants, aged between 18 and 56, had no prohibited items or dangerous goods in their possession.

The total value of the inspected goods, including cash, mobile phones, purses, and bags, was estimated at RM29,430.

Interviews revealed that the illegal immigrants were headed to Sarawak for work after the Hajj holidays, either as farmhands or under contract.

All the illegal immigrants were taken to the national border for deportation, and a police report was filed at the Lundu Police Station to proceed with their eviction in accordance with current regulations. — DayakDaily