‘Make Gawai Dayak an opportunity to foster better understanding between Malaysians’

Tan Sri Dr James Jemut Masing

KUCHING, May 31: Deputy Chief Minister Tan Sri Dr James Jemut Masing calls on all Dayaks and Malaysians to use the Gawai Dayak celebrations to enhance better understanding among the peoples of the nation.

He said as despite living in Malaysia, many in Peninsular Malaysia do not have a good understanding of the Dayaks of Sarawak.

“It would be a good opportunity for those in Peninsular Malaysia to pay us a visit during Gawai Dayak.

“Come over and spend time with us. Go to our longhouses along the Rajang. We will receive you with wide open arms because we Dayaks are known for our hospitality,” said Masing in a statement today.

He said the Dayak community has been part of Malaysia and would like to move forwards with other races in one mind and one accord.

“We are most ready to move on with the rest of the peoples of Malaysia. In any of the national policies, do include us.

“We hope to continue to play a vital part in country-building, not just at the state level,” said Masing who is also Infrastructure Development and Transportation Minister.

He took opportunity of the occasion to wish all Dayaks a happy and prosperous Gawai Dayak 2018. — DayakDaily