Lockdown 8 longhouse along Jalan Salim Belalang Sibu, says Wong

Wong Ching Yong

KUCHING, January 22: Deputy Chairman of Sibu Rural District Council (SRDC) cum Sarawak United Peoples’ Party (SUPP) Dudong chairman Wong Ching Yong today appealed to the Sibu Divisional Medical Department to lockdown eight longhouses including a primary school along Jalan Salim Belalang, Sibu after two individuals from there were tested positive of Covid-19 last night.

Additionally, he said, all the residents from the area should also undergo PCR swab test to prevent another tragedy similar to the Pasai Siong Cluster.

“It is the considered views of some infections disease specialists that all the eight longhouses and the primary school must be closed locked down immediately.


“The (Sibu) Divisional Medical Department should conduct PCR swabs test on all the residents, pupils and staff. We should avoid the tragedy of Pasai Siong Cluster at all cost,” Wong said in a statement today.

He said the two individuals were the first Covid-19 positive cases in Dudong constituency.

Wong said, there are eight longhouses situated along Jalan Salim Belalang with a total of 196 doors, namely: TR Birai Ak Empading with 57 doors; RH Philip Ak Radin (25 doors); RH Akul Ak Dagang (29 doors): RH Bunsie Ak Tiboh (16 doors); RH Juki Ak Sibat (13 doors); RH Melissa Ak Liong (7 doors); RH Jok Ak Ingon (33 doors) and RH Kelak AK Nuda (16 doors).

“Assuming there are five residents in one door, then the total population possibly exposed to Covid-19 will be approximately 1,000 residents along Jalan Salim Belalang.

“What is more worrying is that there is a school in the area namely SK Sungai Salim which has 104 students, 14 teachers and seven clerks.

“Altogether, the number of people who may be exposed to covid-19 is approximately 1,125,” added Wong. -DayakDaily