KPDNHEP: Shortage of 1kg polybag cooking oil temporary, retailers waiting for supply

KPDNHEP Sarawak officers are seen inspecting a packet of 1kg polybag cooking oil during their visit to a supermarket in Kuching today (July 1, 2022).

KUCHING, July 1: The 1kg polybag cooking oil shortage in Kuching is only temporary as retailers are waiting for new shipments from their wholesalers.

According to the Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs (KPDNHEP) Sarawak, in a statement today, there are two manufacturers, and 13 cooking oil packaging companies in Sarawak and the total production of subsidised cooking oil is 4,517 metric tonnes per month.

“As a temporary measure, the Ministry has implemented the purchase limit on 1kg polybag pack cooking oil at the retailer level where each consumer is limited to only three packets of 1kg polybag cooking oil for each purchase.

“This is also based on feedback from consumers in the field where the demand for subsidised cooking oil has increased recently, and there are consumers who buy more than necessary,” it said.

A KPDNHEP Sarawak enforcement officer is checking the price of chicken at a local supermarket today (July 1, 2022).

KPDNHEP Sarawak said they had conducted daily inspections on 270 selected district retailers (DDR) and 85 selected district wholesalers (DDW) premises to ensure there is a sufficient supply of basic necessities such as sugar, cooking oil, wheat flour, rice, white bread, eggs, chicken, onions, milk powder and vegetables.

“A total of 176 enforcement officers and 101 price monitoring officers from the Ministry will conduct inspections every day to ensure that basic necessities are sufficient and there is no element of profiteering in the market,” it added.

A KPDNHEP Sarawak officer inspects the price of chicken eggs during their visit to a supermarket in Kuching.

KPDNHEP Sarawak also warned individuals and companies not to be involved or abetted in fraudulent activities and hiding controlled or subsidies items.

“Any person who commits such an offence can be prosecuted under the Control of Supply Act (AKB) 1961 and, if convicted, can be fined not more than RM1 million, while for subsequent offences, not exceeding RM3 million.

“For companies, if convicted, they can be fined not more than RM2 million, while for subsequent offences, not more than RM5 million,” it said. — DayakDaily