Kampung Quop residents heave a sigh of relief over dismantled chicken farm

Lo (front row, fourth left) together with MPP deputy chairman Datuk Ahmad Ibrahim (front row, third left) and MPP health enforcement officers as well as State Veterinary officers at the chicken farm of Kpg Quop which has been dismantled.

KUCHING, Aug 22: After almost 30 years of enduring the stench, swarms of flies and potential health hazards from the nearby chicken farm, ten households in Kampung Quop can finally breathe a sigh of relief as action has been taken to dismantle the structures on the farm.

In June this year the Habitat for Indigenous and Urban Programme (Hidup) team led by its president George Young Si-Ricord visited the affected residents in Jalan Rundim 3B and highlighted their plight to the media and the relevant authorities.

The issue was also highlighted to Padawan Municipal Council (MPP) chairman Lo Khere Chiang who said that he would investigate the matter.

“And now, in less than two months, MPP has taken action to dismantle the structures. This is not only a very positive outcome for the health and welfare of the affected residents but also eliminates the risk of an avarian virus outbreak given the unhygienic disposal of rotten chicken carcasses throughout the farm site previously,” said George in a statement issued today.

George disclosed that for almost three decades the pleas by the affected residents to the local village leadership have not resulted in any action until Hidup highlighted the issue and consequently prompt action was taken by MPP.

“To me it is totally unacceptable that the health and welfare of kampung residents have been neglected and put at risk for so long by those responsible for their well-being, especially in this age of pandemics originating from the bird species.

“As such, on behalf of the affected residents, Hidup would like to thank MPP chairman Lo for taking steps to resolve the matter with resoluteness and urgency,” added George.-DayakDaily