Kampung Kolong 2, Kampung Tambirat, workers quarters in Bintulu among 15 areas under EMCO

A file photo of a stop sign placed before the entrance to an Enhanced Movement Control Order (EMCO) area.

KUCHING, June 10: Kampung Kolong 2 in Kuching, Kampung Tambirat in Asajaya as well as several workers’ quarters are among the 15 localities throughout Sarawak that have been placed under a two week lockdown to contain the spread of Covid-19.

According to the State Disaster Management Committee (SDMC)’s daily updates on Covid-19 in Sarawak, the workers’ quarters under Enhanced Movement Control Order (EMCO) involved that of DD Palm Oil Mill Sdn Bhd in Sebauh, Company Pekerja Permata Ramah in Tatau and Air Marine Cargo in Bintulu which will last until between June 21 and 22.

A rented house of Pau Timber at Km5 Jalan Bintulu-Miri and a rented room above Eden Shop, both in Bintulu, are also being locked down until June 22.

The longhouses placed under EMCO are as follows:
1. Rh Patrick Andin anak Uli in Sg Serakit, Sebauh (June 8 to 21)
2. Rh Maring anak Gelagai in Ulu Sangan, Tatau, Rh Wilson in Kampung Gran Stumbin (June 9 to 22)
3. Rh Wilson in Kampung Gran Stumbin, Tanjung Bijat, Sri Aman (June 9 to 22)
4. Rh Mathew in Kampung Gran A Stumbin, Tanjung Bijat, Sri Aman (June 9 to 22)
5. Rh Rabong in Sg Lemayong, Bintangor, Meradong (June 10 to 26)
6. Rh Mambong in Nanga Lingah, Julau (June 10 to 26)
7. Rh Grace Itun in Sungai Salim, Sibu (June 12 to 25)
8. Rh Pinggan in Sungai Salim, Sibu (June 12 to 25)

Meanwhile, the EMCO for Rh Kanyan anak Abok in Sg Penyarai, Kakus, Tatau and Rh Lingga Sungai Selangan in Sarikei has also been extended until June 17 and June 14, respectively.

SDMC also declared the end of the EMCO for Kampung Empila, Kampung Stakan Melayu and Kampung Sindang Baru in Kota Samarahan, apart from 10 other areas.

They are BBC Plantation Sdn Bhd, S4-S5 Foreign Lodge, L2-L3 Local Lodge, The Tulu, rented house of Leader Garage and Rh Nompang anak Banda in Dg Dujan, Pandan, all located in Bintulu, as well as Rh Suntie in Kampung Sebujok in Sri Aman, Kampung Jaie in Sadong Jaya, Asajaya and Rh Keli in Sungai Minus and Rh Sabah in Sungai Selangan in Sarikei. — DayakDaily