Julaihi: ‘Inefficient’ Bumputera contractors only have themselves to blame

Julaihi (right) and Abdul Karim (left) have voiced their dissatisfaction with the current progress of the pavement rehabilitation work for PA-1 Kota Samarahan-Sadong Jaya Section 1 and Section 2 coastal road.

By Nancy Nais

ASAJAYA, Oct 21: Bumiputera contractors in Sarawak have been given a stern warning to comply and complete all government projects on time or face termination.

Saying that the “inefficiency” of Bumiputera contractors may hinder economic progress, Infrastructure and Ports Development Assistant Minister Datuk Julaihi Narawi said”
The government has given you people a chance when it comes to awarding contracts for government projects and therefore, prove your ability to accomplish your task. Do not be a rotten apple.”


Julaihi was commenting on the unsatisfactory pavement rehabilitation work for PA-1 Kota Samarahan-Sadong Jaya Section 1 and Section 2 coastal road today.

Together with Asajaya assemblyman Datuk Seri Abdul Karim Rahan Hamzah and Kota Samarahan MP Rubiah Wang, they attended a briefing by project contractor Debassa Development Sdn Bhd, consultant Perunding Anggun Tega Sdn Bhd and Public Works Department (JKR) which included a site visit.

The 12.3km upgrading project contracted at RM11.8 million commenced work on Feb 4, 2020 and its revised completion date is scheduled on Feb 19, 2022.

Among the scope of works include survey works and setting out road alignment before and during construction, ground treatment and shoulder widening, site clearance, grubbing and earthwork turfing, supply and installation of necessary road furniture and others.

The project is under the purview of the State government with JKR and Coastal and Second Trunk Road Unit (CSTRU) appointed as superintending officers.

Once complete, the road will be one of the main arteries for the costal road network linking to several new bridges to improve socio-economic activities and pave the way for other development for coastal areas.

Julaihi, who is also Sebuyau assemblyman, said while it is understandable that the Covid-19 pandemic has caused many projects to be delayed due to a shortage of manpower, he asserted that the government has stated that construction works especially roads are under essential services.

“Looking at your progress, you only manage to reach 24.42 percent as of September this year. How is that possible for you to complete the whole project by February 19 next year?

“Please get a sub-contractor if need be. You need an efficient ‘catch up’ plan as soon as possible and I want a copy if it. I also want a weekly progress report from the consultant and JKR,” Julaihi told the contractor.

He added that every efficient contractor must have a reliable team comprising managers, sub-contractors, material suppliers, foremen and skilled workers. — DayakDaily