Joanne Lau’s ‘Colourful Echoes’ exhibition to illuminate Hoan Gallery from May 18 to June 15

Joanne Lau highlighting her main 4-foot by 6-foot painting to reporters at Hoan Gallery at La Promenade Mall on May 14, 2024.

By Wilfred Pilo

KUCHING, May 14: Renowned contemporary semi-abstract impressionist artist Joanne Lau is set to captivate audiences with her solo exhibition, ‘Colourful Echoes,’ at Hoan Gallery in La Promenade Mall from May 18 to June 15.

Lau, a 70-year-old artist from Sibu, aims to take viewers on a visual and emotional journey through her life experiences with her distinctive style.


Lau discovered her passion for art 15 years ago after retiring from her career in education at the age of 55 in 2009.

Reflecting on her early love for art, she recalled a childhood moment when her teacher pinned her artwork on the wall, affirming her talent.

This long-standing passion blossomed under the mentorship of artists Sim Chiap Hin and David Chew, who guided her in watercolour and abstract techniques, helping her develop her signature semi-abstract impressionist style characterized by swirling strokes and vibrant colours.

“I am also grateful to my family, who fully supported me in my interest,” Lau shared during a preview of her work at Hoan Gallery today.

Since her public debut in 2014, Lau has actively participated in local and international exhibitions, selling her first artwork and continuing to share her artistic vision with the world.

The ‘Colourful Echoes’ exhibition will showcase 51 pieces of Lau’s work, offering a kaleidoscope of colours and patterns that reflect the highs and lows of life.

Lau hopes her art will resonate with viewers, inviting them to connect with their own journeys through the universal language of art.

Lau plans to donate a portion of the exhibition’s proceeds to three non-governmental organizations, underscoring her belief in giving back through her art.

Among the featured works are ‘The Journey of My Life Series,’ including pieces such as ‘The Learning Curve,’ ‘The Glow and the Light,’ ‘Rainforest Series,’ ‘In the Forest and Garden Series,’ and her ‘Fantasy Trees Series.’

“I hope the exhibition could transcend boundaries, inviting viewers to connect with their journeys through the universal language of art,” Lau expressed.

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