S’wakian artist Joanne Lau’s ‘Colourful Echoes’ sells half of 51 pieces, considered among Kuching’s best-selling art shows

Joanne Lau with her art pieces.

By DayakDaily Team

KUCHING, June 21: Sarawakian artist Joanne Lau saw half of 51 art pieces showcased sold during her ‘Colourful Echoes’ solo show, which has become one of Kuching’s best-selling art shows.

Held at the Hoan Gallery in La Promenade Mall on Sunday (June 16), a portion of the sales will be donated to the new church funds for the Chapel of Mother Mary, the Carmelite Monastery, and the Sarawak Women for Women Society (SWWS), of which she was once a president of.


According to Lau, her artworks, including ‘Colourful Echoes’, which the show is named after, were bought by collectors as far as Sydney, Melbourne, and Perth, including other buyers such as politicians, doctors, engineers, architects, and bosses of big establishments.

“’A Painful Heart’ is the most liked painting of the show. It sends out a clear message that it is okay to talk about it (pain) and seek healing when one is unwell,” she said.

Some of the art displayed during Lau’s solo show at Hoan Gallery in La Promenade Mall on June 16, 2024.

Meanwhile, Hoan Gallery director Hoan Kee Huang said he is proud of Lau’s achievement.

He also said that Lau’s show had been well-received by the local art scene.

“Even during the preview period, four pieces were already sold. There is no doubt in my mind that Lau is setting a benchmark for art and art appreciation in Sarawak. She is not only admired but also an inspiration to many.

“Lau has really demonstrated how bright Sarawak’s art future can be. I hope many more artists will be motivated to create,” he said.

Hoan Gallery has hosted four solo art shows, including another high-profile exhibition featuring the works of Alena Murang, since its opening in 2021.

The gallery has become a focal point of an artistic revival in Sarawak. Emerging talents like Brandon Ritom and sculptor M. Sahzy have chosen Hoan Gallery to display and sell their works.

Next up, Hoan said the gallery would stage a solo show of David Chew, one of Sarawak’s best-known abstract artists, on Sept 24.

Apart from that, the permanent collection of works from Leonard Siaw, Stephanie Eng, Foo Syn Choon, Narong Daun, and others is being displayed at Hoan Galleries.

The gallery is open daily, of which entrance is free, and all works on display are for sale. For more info, visit hoangallery.com or lapromenademall.com.my. — DayakDaily