Transforming alleys into art: Picolab Kuching’s ‘The Alleyway’ to feature at Siniawan Old Street from May 24-June 17

‘Aceray’, is composed of 52 wooden ‘A’ frames that are carefully calibrated with mathematical equations to create a radiating pattern into a portal.

By DayakDaily Team

KUCHING, May 28: Picolab Kuching will be showcasing its project titled ‘The Alleyway’ at Siniawan Old Street in Bau from May 24 to June 17 in celebration of the Dayak Harvest Festival.

According to a press release, the primary goal of ‘The Alleyway’ is to activate spaces and communities by transforming underutilised alleys into vibrant public spaces.


The press release further stated that the project’s goal is to increase community participation and collaboration through art installations and interactive workshops, allowing local residents and visitors to engage with and appreciate art and culture throughout the process.

“This installation, named ‘Aceray’, is composed of 52 wooden ‘A’ frames that are carefully calibrated with mathematical equations to create a radiating pattern into a portal.

“Designed in conjunction with the harvest festival, this installation signifies renewal and beginnings. Most parts of Aceray are prefabricated, allowing for a three-day assembly process. The use of joint wood seamlessly complements the historical houses and alleys of Siniawan, while the modern design highlights the contrast between the installation and the local history of the Siniawan area.

“The design inspiration comes from the sunrise, symbolising renewal and new beginnings; while the installation plays with forms, lines and contours, perspectives and illusions,” it said.

It went on to say that Picolab is a placemaking collective founded by designer Joshua Teo, with Eddy Tan as the workshop planner, and the project is sponsored by Yayasan Sime Darby and endorsed by The Post and Village Development and Security Committee (JKKK) Siniawan.

“Siniawan, a century-old town near Bau, has a history dating back to the early 19th century. Known for its quaint wooden shops and rich cultural heritage, Siniawan is a popular tourist destination. The establishment of the Siniawan Old Street Night Market aims to revitalise the town, blending traditional and modern elements to offer local delicacies, handicrafts, and cultural performances.

“The project is done in conjunction with the Gawai Festival, symbolising renewal and new beginnings. Gawai is an important celebration for the Dayak people, marking the end of the rice harvest season and being a time of gratitude and celebration.

Additionally, Picolab Kuching will host three children’s workshops on the evening of June 1, open to the public for free. Due to limited spaces, interested participants should contact Eddy at +6014-390 1538 (Whatsapp message only) to register.

Gawai Craft Workshop poster

The three children’s workshops will take place on June 1 at The Post, Siniawan Night Market, from 5pm-6pm, 6pm-7pm, and 8pm-9pm.

The workshops will focus on ‘How to make a Sape’ instrument and Terabai shield out of cardboard’ and ‘Educating and engaging the younger generation with their cultural heritage in a fun and creative way’.

Register at, and for more information, visit @picolabkuching on Facebook and Instagram. — DayakDaily