‘Incomplete’ Seduan housing project: Relevant authorities urged to clarify status, reasons for delay

Wong (right) questioning what happened to the Seduan PPR project in Sibu Jaya which site has become heavily overgrown with bushes.

KUCHING, May 27: The Seduan People’s Housing Programme (PPR) project in Sibu Jaya has raised alarms as it remains incomplete despite a groundbreaking ceremony held in September 2020.

Sibu Rural District Council deputy chairman Wong Ching Yong has demanded an immediate progress update from either the responsible contractor or the Federal Ministry of Housing and Local Government (KPKT).

Wong was made to understand that initial assurances had been given to Deputy Premier Dato Sri Dr Sim Kui Hian, indicating that the project would reach completion by April of this year.

“However, it is now nearing the end of May, and both parties must explain the progress to Dr Sim.

“Is the construction still ongoing? Has the Sarawak Ministry of Housing and Local Government or the Housing Development Board been informed about the further delay in completion, and have they received a reasonable explanation? What follow-up measures will be taken by the KPKT?” he questioned in a statement today.

According to Wong, the Seduan PPR project was introduced as an initiative by the federal government to address the housing needs of the B40 low-income group through an affordable housing scheme.

The project’s groundbreaking ceremony took place on Sept 17, 2020, with the then Federal Minister of Housing and Local Government, Zuraida Kamaruddin, officiating the event.

Comprising 461 single-storey terrace houses, the Seduan PPR project includes five units specifically designed for disabled individuals. Moreover, the development incorporates essential amenities such as a surau capable of accommodating 100 people, a childcare centre, a kindergarten, and a children’s playground.

A contract worth RM88,220,156 was awarded to a construction company to undertake the project. During the groundbreaking ceremony, it was publicly announced that the development would be completed by October 2022.

“Zuraida had stated that KPKT intended to make Seduan PPR a model of management for similar programmes in the country. She also emphasised that strict supervision would be carried out during the construction. However, there has been no further communication regarding the completion of the project,” Wong stressed.

During a recent visit to the site, Wong discovered the entrance gate locked, and attempts to contact the contractor through the phone number provided on the construction signboard went unanswered.

“Satellite imagery suggests that the project remains incomplete and is believed to be suspended.

“Sibu Rural District Council has not received any occupancy permit applications from the housing programme thus far. Therefore, he demanded that the Federal Ministry of Housing and Local Government disclose how many sale and purchase agreements had been signed for the said project,” he demanded.

Wong hopes that the relevant parties will explain as soon as possible. — DayakDaily