‘Spot On’ with Zaid Zaini

By DD Team

KUCHING, Dec 26: Signals from Sacofa’s telecommunication towers are not powerful enough to cause harm to the human body as these signals lie in the lower portion of the frequency spectrum.

Sacofa Sdn Bhd Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Zaid Zaini pointed this out as he unravelled the public’s misconception of telecommunication towers being hurtful to humans and could cause cancer.

And dealing with protests from the public on this is only one out of many challenges faced by Sacofa as Sarawak’s leading telecommunications infrastructure company.

Among other intriguing topics discussed during the ‘Spot On’ session are:

  1. Balance between provision and commercial viability one of Sacofa’s biggest challenges
  2. Sacofa to acquire or negotiate with multiple private land owners before setting up telecommunication towers
  3. Protests in urban areas for telecommunication towers not to be built near houses or schools
  4. Mobile telecommunication frequency is not harmful as tests have proven it to be 790 times lower than WHO standards
  5. Sarawak now has some 2,000 towers since Sacofa’s 20 years of operation with 300 towers initially
  6. Extension of Sacofa’s reach to neighbouring countries like Kalimantan and Brunei as an immediate start
  7. Sacofa foresees future to connect Singapore, West Malaysia, Thailand, Sarawak and Kalimantan together with its infrastructure
  8. To go international, only slight tweaks are needed in the business model as the best talents are with Sacofa
  9. Multiculturalism in Sarawak is one of the most successfully implemented policies among other places

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