Heavy rainfall washes away house in Kpg Annah Sadir

The villagers looking at the destroyed house being washed away by the landslide.

By Jacob Achoi

KUCHING, Jan 12: Heavy rainfall for two days have resulted in one house washed away by landslide, while another is hanging by the thread at Kpg Annah Sadir in upper Padawan.

According to the village chief Sagu Bakong, the incident happened around 3:30 this morning due to incessant rainfall since yesterday.

He said nobody was injured in the during the incident as the house owner, whose house was washed away was not at home at that material time.

The house on the verge of collapsing

“Despite the incident, the villagers are glad that no lives was lost and nobody injured,” he said when met today.

Sagu explained that both houses were completed about four months back with the fund from Mambong assemblyman Datuk Dr Jerip Susil at RM15,000 each.

He said the owner of the washed away house is a single mother Catherine Kos Gusap with four children and the house on the verge of collapse belongs to one of her son. — DayakDaily