Haze Alert:  API at ILP Miri stays at 388

Firefighter working tirelessly to tackle flames. (file photo)

KUCHING, Aug 11:  Industrial Training Institute (ILP) Miri which is situated between Kuala Baram and Miri City is still recording a high air pollution index (API) of 388 as of 12 noon today.

The API readings for ILP Miri dropped during midnight and throughout the wee hours of the morning, the readings had dropped below 300.

However, the readings started to climb up again at 5 am in the morning and continued to go up until 12 noon.

The high API in ILP area has been caused by localised peat fire.

Meanwhile at Samarahan, as of 9 pm last night, the API readings broke 100 and the situation maintained for a few hours before the readings started to drop at 6 am in the morning.

As of 7 am this morning, the API registered at Samarahan had dropped below 100 and at 12 noon, the reading shows a moderately healthy air quality level of 98.

As of 12 noon, the API readings for Sarawak are as follows:

Towns and cities API
Miri ILP 388
Miri 85
Samalaju  68
Bintulu 75
Mukah 82
Kapit  63
Sibu 76
Sarikei 73
Sri Aman 86
Samarahan  98
Kuching  90

— DayakDaily