Green Breeder Sdn Bhd initiates arrival of 759 live swine from Denmark to fortify Sarawak’s agriculture sector

File photo for illustration purposes only. Photo credit: Pixabay

KUCHING, Dec 8: Green Breeder Sdn Bhd is set to receive 759 imported live swine from Denmark on Dec 9, marking a significant move to bolster the local agriculture sector.

In a statement today, Green Breeder Sdn Bhd said the import would be conducted through a special charter flight from the fleet of Magma Aviation Limited, the lessee of Air Atlanta Icelandic VP.

According to the company, the dedicated aircraft will make its journey from Liege in Belgium, with a transit stop in Bahrain before its scheduled arrival in Kuching at 2am local time.

“This historic consignment will see the import of approximately 759 live breeding pigs, totaling over 38 tonnes in weight.

“It is poised to boost local breeding operations, enhance genetic diversity, and strengthen the agricultural landscape in Sarawak,” it said.

The company also given assurance of its unwavering commitment to the agriculture sector, saying that the importation of live swine from Denmark signifies a pivotal moment for the local farming community.

“Green Breeder Sdn Bhd looks forward to continuing its efforts to contribute to the growth and sustainability of the agriculture sector in Sarawak.

“The company is committed to supporting local agriculture and ensuring food security through its operations,” it added. — DayakDaily