German couple in caravan set to wait out the extended MCO in Kuching

Matthias Tischler and Sonja's caravan parked next to St Mary's primary school.

By Nancy Nais

KUCHING, Apr 16: A German couple stranded in Kuching with their caravan has accepted the fact that they will have to stay here a little bit longer.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Malaysia is now under Phase 3 of the Movement Control Order (MCO) which started from March 18 and has been extended until April 28.

Matthias Tischler, 40, and his partner Sonja, 30, said they don’t have any choice as they are unable to leave.

“We understand the situation and we accepted the fact that we will remain stuck here for a while. We must abide by the Malaysian laws as well.

“So far we are doing fine. We can still buy groceries from the nearby supermarket and some of the coffeeshops are open as well, so we can buy take away meals,” Sonja said when DayakDaily met her today.

The couple has been travelling around the world since leaving Germany two years ago in their green caravan.

They arrived Kuching sometime March 2019 before they left for Indonesia and returned to Kuching in December.

Leaving their caravan behind at a friend’s house, the couple then flew to Australia for a few months.

They returned to Kuching, with the intention to pick their caravan and return to Indonesia just a few days before the MCO was announced.

When DayakDaily spoke to the couple on April 1, they had parked their caravan at Reservoir Park due to the ample space and shady environment.

However, they recently moved to the roadside just next to St Mary’s primary school.

“The police and immigration came to check on us and our well being just a few days ago. They advised us not to park at Reservoir Park, so we moved to the main road outside,” Sonja said.

Meanwhile, she added that the owner of a bed and breakfast inn where they parked the caravan had kindly invited the couple to stay.

“We truly appreciate the hospitality and kindness but we declined as we can sleep in our caravan. However, we will use the inn’s toilet and bathroom,” she said.

Sonja also thanked the public for their kind concern and the authorities as well for keeping a check on them and their safety.—DayakDaily